Lachlan Hunt - Feedback

Chirag , 19 Feb 2019

Hi there,  

Just wanted to take this opportunity to provide some feedback for Lachlan Hunt. I’m one of the owners of penthouse 378/298 Sussex st Maestri Towers. Not only is Lachlan always helpful he is also a trusted adviser. Lachlan stepped in recently when i had unpleasant interactions with the tiling company and really looked after the issue. He is always reassuring, helpful and has developed this trust. I would blindly take his advice on any matters and not question it. That’s never happened with any of the building managers before.

As an owner requesting Lachlan is well looked after. He answers calls and emails outside of business hours and is most helpful when he doesn’t need to take calls on a Friday. Lachlan Hunt is the most amazing building manager Maestri Towers has ever had. He makes even complex problems easy and puts the needs of the residents first. I have said this before and it needs to be said again he represents what excellent customer service is all about.He is polite, professional always willing to help. Pls pass on my thanks and appreciation of his work. I remember the time when this building was managed really poorly and to now where things go wrong Offcourse but then they are professionally resolved. I would give my proxy to whoever Lachlan would suggest!