Barbara Browning , 03 Sep 2018

BME Group is the building manager of the Yukon apartment complex in which I have resided for the past 3.5 years.


During this time Tracey Moseley who is employed by BME Group has been our Building Manager.  I have found Tracey to be professional in the way she approaches her role and she is always willing to assist residents who have any concerns.


Tracey possesses a bright and pleasant personality and this enables her to be very approachable in all matters.  She is diligent in performing her duties and aims to ensure that our building is maintained at an A grade level.  She is always ready to go the extra mile to bring about a prompt conclusion to any issue


I also find Tracey willing to share and very interested in what is happening within my family or circle of friends.  This makes Tracey the ideal person for the building manager role that she carries out so efficiently.