Our Key Sites

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Maestri Towers, Sydney CBD

Maestri Towers is a 16-year-old building, built by Meriton. It has 400 lots, both Residential & Commercial, spread across two towers, 27 levels each with 7 levels of car park. Our Management Team has been successfully managing this big site.

East Quarter, Hurstville

This is one of the most complex structured sites in NSW. It has 9 Strata Plans, a BMC & Community Association. Our Building Managers are well equipped to manage this complex site.

The Address Community Association, Wentworth Point

Set amongst the vibrant community of Wentworth Point, we manage 5 buildings, 5 Strata Plans, Community Association & hotel-style facilities – this site is a high-end site with high expectations, and our Management Team meet those expectations with ease.

Paragon Apartments, Zetland.

Zetland is a new development, still in defect period, with plenty of issues for us to navigate through. We have handled this site from the time of its construction and, although we still have a lot of work to do, we are proud of where it is heading.